Architecture & Design

The architecture of a system is its ‘skeleton’. It’s the highest level of abstraction of a system. What kind of data storage is present, how do modules interact with each other, what recovery systems are in place – that is the Architecture. Software architecture involves the component diagram, showing how the different modules of the system communicate with each other and other systems.

Software design usually involves problem solving and planning a software solution. Design is about designing the individual modules or components. What are the responsibilities, functions, of module x? Of class Y? What can it do, and what not? What design patterns can be used?


In short, software architecture is more about the design of the entire system, while software design emphasizes on module, component, and class level.

Architecture is the bigger picture: the choice of frameworks, languages, scope, goals, and high-level methodologies (Rational, waterfall, agile, etc.). Design is the smaller picture: the plan for how code will be organized; how the contracts between different parts of the system will look; the ongoing implementation of the project’s methodologies and goals. Our development team has a good understanding of both architecture and design to ensure the success of your project.