High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing refers to the practice of aggregating computing power in a way that delivers much higher performance than one could get out of a typical desktop computer or workstation in order to solve large and complex problems in science, engineering, and business. Think the speed of thought computing.

High Performance Computing allows scientists and engineers to solve complex problems using applications that require high bandwidth, enhanced networking, and very high compute capabilities. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leaders in this space. AWS allows you to increase the speed of research by running high performance computing in the cloud and to reduce costs by providing Cluster Compute or Cluster GPU servers on-demand without large capital investments. You have access to a high bandwidth network for tightly-coupled, IO-intensive workloads, which enables you to scale out across thousands of cores for throughput-oriented applications.


The combination of power of an industry-leading, high-performance computing infrastructure with highly efficient systems and solutions to solve scientific, engineering and business data analysis problems—regardless of scale—from mainstream to the grand challenges of our society. Summit’s high performance computing solutions empower innovation. We make your business:

  • Faster – Speed advancements with a converged infrastructure, purpose-built for scale.
  • Better – Optimize your high performance computing footprint with the world’s most efficient systems.
  • Smarter – Deploy and manage easily, adapt quickly to change and improve quality of service.