Operations & Maintenance

Operations and Management Summit Technologies
  • Project Manager: The Project Manager develops, documents, and executes plans and procedures for conducting activities and tasks of the Operations and Maintenance Phase.
  • Technical Support: Personnel who provide technical support to the Business Product. This support may involve granting access rights to the program, setup of workstations or terminals to access the system, and maintenance of the operating system for both server and workstation.
  • Help Desk: Help Desk personnel provide the day-to-day users help for the Business Product. Help Desk personnel are contacted by the users when questions or problems occur with the daily operations of the system.
  • Program Analysts or Programmer: Interprets user requirements, designs and writes the code for specialized programs. Analyzing programs for errors, debugging the program and testing program design are typical responsibilities.
  • Data Administrator: Performs tasks which ensure that accurate and valid data are entered into the Business Product. Creates the information systems database, maintains the database’s security and develops plans for disaster recovery. The data administrator may be called upon to create queries and reports for a variety of user requests.



Operations support is an integral part of the day-to-day operation of a system. In small systems, all or part of each task may be done by the same person. But in large systems, each function may be done by separate individuals or even separate areas.

Inevitably, changes in requirements and technology will necessitate the replacement of IT systems. To facilitate that transition, a Disposition Plan is prepared to describe how the retirement of the system will be conducted and how records management will be addressed for both the system documentation and the Business Product.

Software maintenance is the totality of activities required to provide cost-effective support to a software system. Activities are performed during the pre-delivery stage as well as the post-delivery stage. Pre-delivery activities include planning for post-delivery operations, supportability, and logistics determination. Post-delivery activities include software modification, training, and operating a help desk. The Summit team looks forward to assisting your organization in the operations and Maintenance phase of your web and software development.