IT Operations Summit Technologies

Infrastructure operations address the day-to-day management and maintenance of IT services, systems, and applications, as well as the infrastructure, the geographic location, the facilities in which they are housed, and the energy, and hardware usage.

Skilled support resources and defined processes are key to infrastructure operations. These include systems and network administration, data center operations, help/service desks, network operations centers, and service level management, just to name a few.

Some key Operations and support capabilities include:

  • Planning, deployment, and maintenance of network devices and servers
  • Enterprise network security monitoring and incident response
  • Local Area Network high-speed data-transfer connectivity to the customer’s data and applications
  • Wide Area Network services to interconnect the customer’s geographically diverse organization
  • Business Application Hosting: hosting, maintaining, and managing the customer’s critical applications and databases in dedicated data centers


Summits Operations model benefit our clients with:

  • Cost-optimization and manpower optimization by integrating infrastructure and application operations
  • Achieve operational excellence by measuring response time SLAs for business applications
  • Significant improvements in First Call Resolution (FCR) due to an integrated service desk (application & infrastructure support teams integrated with Helpdesk).