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Portal & Collaboration Summit Technologies

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is the efficient management of vast amounts of data into useful information. A large percentage of any organization’s information resides on personal computers and network drives. The majority of this data is disorganized, not secure, and is often not backed up. Employees get most of their relevant information from other employees, and this knowledge can be lost when they leave the company, resulting in costly retraining and frequent reorganization in order to secure valuable information.




Summit leverages our experience in Portals and Collaboration services to integrate business information and applications into collaborative portals, connecting users to the knowledge, processes and technology required to efficiently perform everyday operations. We take a very customer-centric approach to develop and deploy practical portal solutions based on your requirements. These portal solutions provide a searchable, central point of access to business information which makes it easy for employees to find and share the information they need, while managing data in a controlled environment.