SeaPort-e provides a skilled, trained and knowledgeable work force with capabilities in more than 20 functional areas. Under this contract vehicle, Summit is capable of delivering the solutions and/or services to a wide range of Cyber Security, Knowledge Management, Web & Software Development and IT services. Summit provides services in the following 4 geographic SeaPort-e contract zones: (Zone 1) Northeast Zone, (Zone 2) National Capital Zone, (Zone 3) Mid Atlantic Zone, and (Zone 5) Midwest Zone.

In 2002, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) promulgated Sea Power 21 to provide a framework to align, organize and integrate the U.S. Navy to meet the wide variety of challenges that lie ahead. To meet Sea Power 21 objectives and to increase efficiency, the NAVSEA Warfare Centers established the SeaPort Enhanced (Seaport-e) Multiple Award Contract (MAC) vehicle. This contract vehicle utilizes a web-based, e-business procurement portal, to facilitate performance-based service acquisition, leverage buying power, improve business intelligence and reduce cycle time. SeaPort-e is the Navy’s electronic platform for acquiring support services in 22 functional areas including Technical Engineering, IT Function Support, Financial Management, and Program Management. SeaPort-e provides an efficient and effective means of contracting for professional support services with large businesses and enhancing small business participation.

Contract Number: N00178-10-D-6316

Clients: Missions leveraging Seaport-e include the Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Air Systems Command, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Naval Supply Systems Command, Military Sealift Command, Naval Facilities Command, Strategic Systems Programs, Office of Naval Research, DTRA, and the United States Marine Corps.

Additionally, activities may provide limited support under this contract to other Department of Defense (DoD), non-DoD, or Joint agencies for work that is integrally related to product areas and mission.

Contract Period of Performance: 15 July 2010 through 4 April 2019

Contract Place of Performance: Four Geographic Zones – (Zone 1) Northeast Zone, (Zone 2) National Capital Zone, (Zone 3) Mid Atlantic Zone, and (Zone 5) Midwest Zone

Contract Types: Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee (Completion), Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee (Term), Cost Plus Incentive Fee, Cost Plus Award Fee, Firm Fixed Price, or Fixed Price Incentive


The Contractor shall, in response to task orders, provide services that potentially span the entire spectrum of mission areas supported by the activities and technical capabilities that comprise the various ordering offices, as well as provide professional support services to the overall Navy, DTRA, and Marine Corps organizations. Services within the functional areas , may be performed under this contract for new product areas, programs, or missions, which are assigned to these activities during the life of the contract.