Case Study

Starbucks_Summit Technologies

Starbucks wanted to offer its customers wireless internet access (WiFi) at each of its store locations in the United States. HP contracted Summit Technologies to recover the pilot phase of this project after a failed attempt by another vendor on the west coast. Summit was asked to professionally configure, install, and test the necessary inter-networking hardware in the first phase of this national level rollout. Summit deployed numerous teams that worked in conjunction with T-Mobile to install, deliver and test each circuit subsequent to the Cisco inter-networking equipment installation and configuration. Summit also performed signal strength tests at each Starbucks and installed an additional antenna, if required, to insure adequate signal strength for Starbucks end customer use. We provided extensive documentation for future equipment management and service upgrades, including how and where equipment was located, for each Starbucks, as each store’s footprint varied. The sheer number of locations, especially in cities such as Boston and New York, posed a sizeable logistics challenge, which Summit managed, in moving installation equipment and wiring to and through each facility in a non-intrusive manner and completed the project on time and budget.